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We would like to share with you the excitement of our growing commitment to provide unsurpassed service in the outdoor recreation world. Whether it is a hunting excursion or wilderness adventure you seek, we feel that we can complete your request.

While protecting our natural resources and fragile environment we have been able to share our majestic mountains, pristine glaciers, lakes, streams and colorful valleys to clients from around the world. The diversity of our locations range from the high peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the mystery of the famous Yukon. With this diversity comes the experiences of a lifetime. With our friendly and professional staff and management we are committed to providing you with quality service and adventure. Read More About Prophet Muskwa





Prophet Muskwa, Texas

We are now hunting Desert Sheep on a private ranch in western Texas. This is for the sub species (Nelsoni). All hunts are fair chase and qualify for B&C. Call for additional information.



Prophet Muskwa, British Columbia

Situated in the northeastern corner of British Columbia, Canada, the area covers 3,900 square KM of the famous Prophet River and Muskwa River drainages. Prophet Muskwa at Sleeping Chief is comprised of two side-by-side areas in some of the highest game productive regions in British Columbia.
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Prophet Muskwa, Yukon

Situated in Yukon hunting concessions 11 and 16, our outfitting area's cover over 8500 square miles of mountainous terrain. Lakes, streams, alpine meadows and glaciers provide an ideal setting for hunting and photography. The heart of the area is secluded - accessible by float plane and horseback only.
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